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CPR Directives

The CE symbol is the European common market safety signs, as manufacturers enter the European market. In order to protect their domestic EU members of people's life and property safety, formulate many security directives, regulations of many products need to paste the CE logo, such as building materials, low voltage electrical products such as the.CE mark is mandatory sign in the EU market the building instructions (CPR No 305/2011) covers the construction of the basic requirements of building products. All the instructions within the product to the free circulation in the EU market, we must add CE.CE mark that your products comply with the strict EU product safety directive.

CPR detection of building product requirements

1. product mechanical resistance and stability

2. fire

3. health, health and environmental requirements

4. the use of safety

5. noise prevention

6. energy efficiency and heat preservation

The range of products (including but not limited to)

Sanitary products: toilet, bidet, toilet, bathtub etc.;

Wood board: building artificial board;

Steel structure: building with steel structure;

Civil fabric: for road, highway, railway and other transportation area and reservoir dam the civil fabric.