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LVD Directives

Low voltage CE-LVD certification


 Brief introduction for CE-LVD certification

LVD Low Voltage Directive (Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU), refers to the coordination of the Member States relating to electrical equipment designed for a specific voltage limit value within the directive.LVD of the target in order to ensure the safety of low voltage equipment in use. The directive is used for AC voltage electrical products between 50V to 1500V and 75V to DC 1500V, this directive contains all safety rules for this equipment, including protection against danger caused by mechanical reasons. The design and structure of equipment shall be guaranteed in its intended use, the risk does not appear in the normal working condition or fault condition, especially to evaluate the risk:

1) shock (Electric Shock);

2) risk (Energy hazard) energy;

3) fire (Fire);

4) dangerous mechanical and thermal (Mechanic and heat hazard);

5) (Radiation hazard) radiation hazard;

6) chemical hazards (Chemical Hazard).


Safety testing parts

Safety test of safety requirements of spare parts including:


(flexible cables and cords),(plug),(socket-outlet),(coupler),(connector),AC Inlet,SOCKET,(X /Y capacitor),(Fuse), (switch), (thermostat),(dimmer),(timer),(converter),(motor),(Speaking),(ballast),(relay),(lamp holder),(fuse-holder)


Test Item

CE-LVDTest Items:

1.Input test                                              

2.Heating test

3.Humidity test

 4.Glow-wire test

5.Over Load test                         

6.6.Leakage current measurements

7.Electric Strength test               

8.8.Earth continuity test

9.Cord anchorage test                        

10.10.Stability test

11.Plug torque test               

12.Impact test冲击测试

13.Capacitor discharge test at plug               

14.Fault conditions test

15.Working voltage measurement                

16.Motor lock-rotor test

17.Low and high temperature test                     

18.Tumbling test

19.Insulation resistance test                        

20.Ball pressure test

21.Screw Torque test              

22.Needle flame test


The relationship between low voltage directive and CE mark

CE is a manufacturer of products to meet the requirements of the EU directive corresponding self declaration, including low voltage directive (LVD), Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC). In order to clear the products comply with the low voltage directive, the CE must be sign in the product. If the CE flag is not identified in the product you can identify in the product packaging, user manual or guarantee (guarantee). Factory marked with commercial CE products, is to European governments, his product is sold legally, the product to meet the requirements included in the official records in CE standard. However, the CE symbol is not recognized by consumers sign that is just the Accreditation Mark EC governments are permitted to be imported.


CE-LVD submission list

The application (with English fill) product explosion diagram

And the list of materials corresponding to the explosion diagram (must use English) circuit diagram (specify element number)

English manual English nameplate

Several types of differences that list of key components (CDF) and VDE certificate

The plastic material UL proof materials (UL yellow card) printed circuit board copper foil surface wiring diagram & surface wiring diagram

Transformer & motor specification

LVD uses the corresponding product logo and logo

EN60950  Safety test of information technology products

EN60335-1   Safety testing of household appliance products

 EN60601-1/EN61010   Industrial safety testing, medical and scientific products     

EN60065   Safety test of audio products                           

EN60598    Safety testing of lighting products                        

EN61558      Power transformer products test                        

EN61029        Electric tool products test                     

EN61347    Lamp control device products test                        

EN60034     Industrial motor class product testing                       

EN60432       Lighting products test                     

EN71       Toy products test                           

EN292      The basic concept of mechanical safety

 EN60730     Household automatic control product testing

 EN62094  Signal lamp products test

EN12157   Pump product test

EN  ISO12100  EN60204        Mechanical product testing