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Mechanical products because of its convenience and practicality in modern society is highly respected, whether at home or in the company can see mechanical products and machinery products to shadow, exports to the EU countries, it shall go through the formalities for mechanical products CE certification.
CE certification is not qualified, but a safety certification mark, can also be said that manufacturers to enter and open European market. Then the mechanical products CE certification certificate how to handle it? In the process of classification standards before we need to understand the mechanical products CE certification and must prepare the documents.
mechanical product certification CE classification standard
Mechanical products is the most commonly used A, B, C standard:
1. a standard:
EN ISO 12100: the basic design principles of machinery safety risk assessment and risk reduction.
Type2.B standard:
EN ISO 13857: Security - Security to prevent the upper and lower reach distance of mechanical danger zone;
EN ISO 4413: General requirements and Safety Specification for hydraulic system of hydraulic components and hydraulic system;
EN ISO 4414: General requirements and Safety Specification for pneumatic system and hydraulic system of hydraulic components;
EN 1088: mechanical safety interlock assembly general principle and selection method of device design in the shields;
EN 953: General requirements for safety of machinery - Design and construction of fixed and movable cover;
EN 60204-1: safety of machinery - electrical equipment of machines - part first: General requirements.
Type 3.C standard:
EN 201: Safety requirements of plastic and rubber machinery - injection molding machine;
EN 415-1: Safety - part first: Terminology and classification of packaging machinery and packaging machinery and related equipment;
EN 415-5: Safety - Part fifth: packaging machine packing machine;
EN 474-1: earthmoving machinery - basic safety requirements;
EN 692: machine - mechanical press safety;
EN 693: machine tools - hydraulic punching machine safety;
EN 860: woodworking machines - single side planer;
EN 869: safety of machinery - metal die-casting machine;
EN 1493: car lift;
EN 12417: Safety requirements of machine tool and machining center;
EN 12717: Safety - drilling machine;
2、technical documents to be prepared for mechanical products CE certification:
Use 1. products.
2. safety design documents (including the key structure, which can reflect the creepage distance of the gap, and the thickness of the insulation layer design).
3. product technical conditions (or enterprise standards), the establishment of technical information.
4. electrical principle diagram, circuit diagram, block diagram
5. key components and raw materials list (please use the European certification mark of the product).
6. of the components or certification copy.
7. other documents required.
3、mechanical products CE certification process
1. contact us and put forward the mechanical products CE certification application
2. send product information and confirm the mechanical CE certification standard
3. the two sides technology to confirm the product certification scheme, and signed a contract machine CE certification
4. product witness test
5. rectification
The 6. report confirmed
7. mechanical CE certificate issued
Shenzhen Baoce Technology Co. Ltd., is an independent operating mechanism of senior professional mechanical equipment CE certification authority, is recognized by the European CE certification. We have several mechanical engineers with rich experience and the corresponding test instrument, and the UK, Italy, Slovenia and other EU institutions authorized by the announcement. The success of mechanical CE certification case to thousands of customers to prove that we can provide you with high quality, professional certification service, make your machine can smoothly through the CE certification, swim in the European market, if you have any questions please contact us on mechanical products for the European CE certification.