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Reliability Testing

Low and high temperature test

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Low and high temperature test

1. introduction test:

This test is used to determine the product storage, in the conditions of high temperature and climate adaptability. The use of transport, stringent test depends on high temperature and exposure duration.

2. Standard Test:

GB/T 2423.2,IEC 60068-2-2,IEIA 364,MIL-STD-810Fwait a minute.

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Maximum Test Level: ±30 kV




Vibration test

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Vibration test
The vibration experiment is a simulation (Transportation) products in the transportation, installation (Installation) and (Use) all suffered in the environment vibration environment, this experiment is in simulation of transport, installation and use of a variety of environments encountered in vibration environment, used to determine whether the products can withstand all kinds of environmental vibration ability the experiment is evaluated. The vibration components, machine parts in the transport and use of the environment in expected resistance. Vibration is divided into sine vibration, random vibration, composite vibration, scanning vibration, fixed frequency vibration. Main parameters for describing vibration amplitude, vibration and speed: acceleration, field experiments on the vibration now. The physical model or the experiment. The vibration experiment is developed from the aerospace sector, has now been extended to power machinery, transportation, construction and other industrial departments and the environmental protection work. Animal protection, it has been widely used.
Vibration test standard:









Salt Spray Test

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Salt Spray Test
Experiment method:
Neutral salt spray test (LRHS-108-RY)
Salt spray test (LRHS-207-RY)
Copper accelerated acetic natural experiment
Hot humid experiment
Salt spray test standard:GB/T2423.17、IEC60068-2-11、ISO4628-3、ASTM  B117、JIS-Z2371、JIS-G3141、GIB150.1、MIL-STD-810F、MIL-STD-883E。

drop test

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drop test

This test is usually mainly used to simulate the free fall of unpackaged/packaged products during handling, and to investigate the ability of products to resist accidental shocks. Usually the drop height is based on the weight of the product and the possible drop probability as a reference standard. The drop surface should be a smooth, hard rigid surface made of concrete or steel (if there are special requirements, it should be determined by product specifications or customer test specifications).

For different international standards, even if the product is under the same weight, the drop height is different. For hand-held products (such as mobile phones, MP3, etc.), most of the drop heights are between 100cm ~ 150cm, IEC for hand-held products ≤ 2kg It is recommended that the product should meet the drop height of 100cm and cannot be damaged. MIL recommends a drop height of 122cm, and Intel recommends a drop height of 150cm for handheld products (such as mobile phones). The severity of the test depends on the height of the drop, the number of drops, and the direction of the drop.


Drop Test Product Range

1. Computers: computers, display screens, mainframes, computer components, medical equipment and other precision instruments, etc.

2. Electronic communication: mobile phones, radio frequency devices, electronic communication components, etc.

3. Electrical appliances: household appliances, lamps, transformers and other household appliances and electrical equipment;

4. Others: packing boxes, transportation equipment, etc.

Drop Test Reference Standard

GB/T 2423.8, ISTA, IEC60068-2-32, GB/T4857.5, etc.

Advantages of Drop Test

a. Professional technical team tailor-made reliability design and testing solutions for your products;

b. Professional reliability testing team to test your product;

c. You will get the most professional answers to all the technical and testing questions you need in terms of reliability.

d. Efficient on-site testing arrangements and expedited issuance of product testing reports can solve your immediate needs.

e. One-to-one with customer service specialists and technical engineers, so that you can feel attentive service during the testing process.