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Safety Testing

Hot wire, shock flame material test

Release Time:1900-01-01Reading:282Time

Hot wire, needle flame and other materials testing area:

Test method for flammability of finished products (IEC60965-2-11:2000/GB/T5169.11-2006)

Test method for hot wire availability of materials (IEC60965-2-12:2000/GB/T5169.12-2006)

Test method for hot wire hardening of materials (IEC60965-2-13:2000/GB/T5169.13-2006)

According to IEC60695-11-5, GB/T5169.5-2008, GB4706.1-2005





stability testes

Release Time:1900-01-01Reading:257Time

Stability test:

Automatic rotary testing machine, standard level (Auto-revolution test table Standard spirit level)




Temperature rise test

Release Time:2017-04-06Reading:273Time

Temperature rise test:

In order to verify the electronic product life, stability and other characteristics, usually test the important components (IC chip) the temperature rise will be measured in equipment is higher than the rated working temperature (T=25 DEG C) at a specific temperature (T=70 DEG C) operation, stable after recording the element of high temperature in the environment l, verify the design of this product is reasonable.