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Optical Property Testing

optical performance test

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Integrating ball test item

Photometric and colorimetric measurements

(SDCM):Color tolerance

Power and energy efficiency measurements

(w):Radiated power

(x、y、u'、v'):Chromaticity Coordinates

(Duv):Color deviation

(W/nm):Spectral Power Distribution

(THD):Total Harmonic Distortion

(K):Correlated Colour temperature

(PF):Power factor

(EEI):Energy efficiency index


(Ra):Colour rendering index


(lm/w):luminous efficiency


(lm):Total luminous flux


(nm):Peak wavelengh

S/P ratio


Utilization factor table for indoor luminaire

Light Distribution Curve

Luminous intensity distribution

Beam Angle

color spatial uniformity

UGR Glare

Budgetary Estimate Table

Lux distance Curve

Space ISO Lux diagram

Intensity data

Total luminous flux

Upward Lumens

(lm/w):luminous efficiency

Downward Lumens

Zonal flux distribution

Distance and height ratio

Central intensity

IES file

(cd):Maximum intensity

(PF):Power factor