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Personal protective CE certification (PPE) overview:
Personal Protective Equipment personal protective equipment 89/686/EEC, PPE is personal protective equipment shorthand for individuals to guard against any one or more damage to health and safety risk while wearing or holding device or appliance. Mainly used to protect employees from due to exposure to chemical radiation, electric equipment, manpower and equipment, serious injury or disease machinery the equipment or in some dangerous workplace caused. In addition to the mask, safety glass, safety shoes, personal protective equipment including respiratory protective equipment, a large number of protective clothing, including safety helmet, goggles, ear protectors (ear), safety gloves, safety shoes, safety belt and respirator.
Personal protective equipment requirements:
1. design principles
1.1 Ergonomics
The 1.2 level of protection
2. harmless
2.1 non hazardous and harmful factors in other "internal"
3. comfort and energy efficiency
The morphology and adaptability of 3.1 of users
3.2 light and strength design
3.3 for use at the same time different types or categories of compatibility
The scope of labor protection products CE certification category:
 1、head protection
Head protection is taken as the personal protective equipment against the defense against external head against objects and other factors.
According to the protection requirements, there are ordinary work hat, dust cap, waterproof cap, winter cap, safety helmet, anti-static cap, anti high temperature anti electromagnetic radiation cap, cap, cap insects and other nine categories of products.
2、 respiratory protective equipment
Respiratory protective equipment is to prevent the harmful gas, vapor, dust, smoke, fog inhalation or directly to the wearer supply or clean air, the dust, pollution or protective equipment workers in the anoxic environment of normal breathing.
Respiratory protective equipment according to the function is divided into anti-dust masks and respirators (mask), according to the form can be divided into the filter type and isolation type two.
3、eye and face protective equipment
The prevention of smoke, dust, metal and sparks flying debris, heat, electromagnetic radiation, laser, personal protective equipment chemical spatter damage the eyes or face, called the eye and face protection products.
According to the protection function, can be divided into dustproof, waterproof, anti strike, anti high temperature, anti electromagnetic radiation, anti radiation, anti chemistry splash, wind and sand, nine kinds of anti glare.
At present, China's production and use of common 3 types:
(1) welding goggles. Non ionizing radiation hazards prevention, metal spark and soot and other welding goggles. Ordinary glasses, hanging in front of the mirror, mirror light side 3; welding mask mask to break up, fillet gas mask, mask safety helmet, safety helmet before hanging glasses mask types.
(2) goggles and mask. The prevention of kiln furnace, kiln mouth and a small amount of radiation from the infrared visible light, UV damage to the eye. The furnace is divided into goggles and mask goggles, goggles and protective mask 3.
(3) anti shock eye protectors. Prevention of iron, sand, gravel and other foreign object impact damage to the eyes. Anti shock eye protectors for protective glasses, goggles and masks. Three kinds of protective glasses are divided into ordinary glasses and glasses with side shields. Goggles and mask is divided into open and closed two.
4、 hearing organ protection
To prevent excessive acoustic intrusion of external auditory canal, ear to avoid excessive stimulation of noise reduction, hearing loss, personal protective equipment to prevent adverse effects of noise on human body caused by the hearing organ protection. The main anti noise earplugs, earmuffs and helmet three categories.
5、 hand protective equipment
With the protection of hand and arm function for the operator wearing gloves when labor is called hand protection activities, usually called labor protection gloves.
Labor protection articles classification and code standards in accordance with the protective function of hand protection products are divided into 12 types: ordinary waterproof gloves, protective gloves, cold proof gloves, protective gloves, anti-static gloves, high temperature resistant gloves, X gloves anti radiation, anti acid oil proof shockproof gloves, gloves, gloves, anti cutting gloves, insulated gloves.
6、foot protection
The foot protection is to prevent the production process equipment of harmful substances and energy damage workers foot is usually referred to labor protection shoes.
According to the national standard of protection function for the dustproof shoes, waterproof shoes, warm shoes, shock resistant shoes, anti-static shoes, shoes, shoes and high temperature, anti acid, anti oil, anti hot shoe, shoes, anti puncture shoes, electrical insulation shoes, shockproof shoes and other thirteen categories.
7、the trunk door activities
The trunk door door activities we usually say is the service. According to the protection function of protective clothing is divided into ordinary protective clothing, waterproof clothes, winter clothes, anti smashing back clothing, protective clothing, flame retardant clothing, anti-static clothing, anti high temperature, anti electromagnetic radiation, acidproof alkali, anti oil, water lifejackets insects, wind, sand and other fourteen categories of products.
8、skin care products
Skin care products for preventing skin (mainly face, hands and other exposed parts) against chemical, physical hazards and other factors.
According to the protective function, skin care products for anti-virus, anti radiation, anti paint and other types.
9、fall prevention activities
Fall prevention activities is to prevent the body from falling, the rope body height, the operator fastened on a fixed object, or below the edge in the workplace of the net, to prevent accidentally falling, safety belt and safety net of two main types of this kind of products