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LED Lamps

LED lamp test

LED semiconductor lighting

      LED (Light Emitting Diode), also known as light-emitting diodes, they use solid semiconductor chip as luminescent materials, when the two ends with forward voltage, carrier in semiconductor composite, release of excess energy caused by photon emission of visible light.

In recent years, with the research on semiconductor luminescent material continuously thorough, continuous progress and new material manufacturing process (LED nitride crystal and fluorescent powder) in the development and application of ultra high brightness LED color has made a breakthrough, the luminous efficiency is increased by about 1000 times, color has been achieved all the colors of the visible light band, one of the most important is the emergence of super high brightness white LED, make LED applications across the high efficiency lighting market as possible. It has been pointed out that high brightness LED will be human after Edison invented the incandescent bulbs, one of the greatest inventions.

The excellent characteristics of LED:

high luminous efficiency

Low power consumption

long service life

High safety and reliability

greens environmental protection



Lamps and accessories test laboratory
Lamps and accessories test laboratory in Europe, Australia, Middle East, America directly authorized specialized laboratory, can be used in EN60598-2-X, AS/NZS60598-2-X, IEC60598-2-X of all lamps, EN60968, IEC60968, AS/NZS60968, EN60238, IEC60238, AS, /NZS60238, AS/, NZS3170, AS/NZS3140, EN61347, AS/NZS61347, IEC61347, IEC62031 lamps and accessories test our test report is more authoritative, more effective, promote trade competitiveness

The main test items of lamps


The external connection and internal wiring

Dustproof, waterproof and anti solid particles




Insulation resistance and electric strength


Creepage distance and clearance




Durability test and thermal test


Heat resistant, fire resistance and resistance to tracking


Protection against electric shock


screw terminal


Screwless terminals and electrical connections