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The appliance of CE certification

        Household appliances refers to household electrical appliances, large refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioning, small coffee pot, juice machine or electric irons. Sports fitness equipment refers to the family or the fitness center to exercise products, treadmills, massage chairs, massage belts do not belong to the medical application of products are included.

Household appliances and construction equipment in various kinds of sports, testing and certification, we can be divided into:
1, heating appliances such as frying pan, oven, toaster, waffles, pizza machine, toaster, electric frying pan, popcorn machine, barbecue grill, coffee machine, electric iron, electric cooker, electric kettle, insulation board, frying pan, electric heater, electric blanket etc.;
2, motor apparatus: blender, juicer, meat grinder, cutting machine, blenders, food processors, ice machine, coffee machine, vacuum cleaners, washing machine, dryer, massager, sewing machine, lampblack machine, electric fan, air purifier, electric curtain etc.;
3, the motor and the heating appliances: washing machine, mixed with steam function drying hair dryer, mobile phone, air conditioning, drying machine, bread machine, using heat and suction of the mosquito lamp.
Household appliances and sports fitness equipment certification, to meet product safety, electromagnetic compatibility (Safety) and EMF (EMC) and other relevant regulations.
Due to the use of the power supply directly to the power consumption, large voltage and power, and high temperature frying boiled fried and motor rotation, and the use of the object may be for the elderly and infirm, the concept of security is weak, should be the safety requirements than other products is important. Electric products are very important for temperature and fire, motor products require special considerations for insulation and mechanical damage.
EMC, if the product is simply for the heating element and the motor, basically not much EMC considerations, through a great chance, if it does not meet the situation, will not solve the method is too complex. Some products used in series motor or DC motor (if the juice machine, vacuum cleaner or electricity blow), there will be more serious EMI problems, the design must first reserve strategy space. Some products are applied to PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology (such as treadmills or inverter air conditioner) due to the use of high frequency technology, EMC also has serious problems, coupled with the current and power, modify not easy. For appliances with the thermostat, should also increase the click test.
EMF - radiation electromagnetic field to human body: this requirement is used to evaluate the radiation intensity of the magnetic field of household appliances users during normal use of the size, to ensure that the products of magnetic radiation under certain reference level to protect human safety. Testing is based on the EN62233 standard.